This list is only a small extract of already implemented solutions within our field of activity.

Manufacture of devices, systems and equipment including controlling software

  • Spreader test consoles (testers for spreader and can be coupled Head blocks used, in workshops)
  • Analog to digital (A / D) signal converter, e.g. A / D - converter for special applications
  • Microcontroller-based processor controls
  • Error reporting and diagnostic systems:
    • Fault messag generation in PLC programs and PC based
    • Operating and fault message logging
    • Visualization of all operating data and switching state
    • Presentation on HMI - displays and PC based on monitor
    • Fault message and master computer link
  • Automatic crane track - broken rail detection system
  • Automatic Twist lock recognition system of containers
  • Extension of traject systems with radio remote controls
  • Close cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers in the development and optimization of devices and device software in the areas of
    • Control and diagnostic systems
    • Power Electronics, inverter technology
    • Sensors and actuators

Development of individual control software

  • On Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) such as:
    • Siemens S7 Siemens S5
    • Rockwell - Allen Bradley
    • InterControl - Digsy
    • CoDeSys
    • LogiDyn D2,
    • Mitsubishi Electric
    • and many more
  • For lifting gear and trolley drives as a part of ship to shore crane modernization
  • For the control and detection of the decay heat of radioactive waste in the salt mine
  • For the pipeline inspection gauge recognition for the petrochemical industry
  • For reducing power usage in hydraulically operated dynamic systems

Optimization and modernization

  • Plant optimization through automation of operations and improved plant safety
  • Replacement of no longer available devices (e.g. PLC, converters, sensors and safety devices) through reliable, up to date and highly available devices.
  • Optimization and expansion of control components and control software according to current requirements according to standard and customer specifications
  • Renewal of the control and power components of motor, hydraulically and pneumatically operated equipment
  • Integration of modern measuring sensors (e.g. laser scanners, cameras, photoelectric systems) and development of the PC and / or PLC-based evaluation

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